Last week, in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, popular actor, Yul Edochie, explained how a gay stalker was making life unbearable for him. He claimed that the gay stalker, Steve Ugochukwu, met him through Facebook and demanded to be his gay partner.


He likewise shared how Ugochukwu dependably called him and his better half relentlessly.

In any case, in a spot of occasion, Ugochukwu reached Saturday Beats by means of Facebook to express his side of the story.

The young fellow who lives in Canada, communicated stun that Edochie alluded to him as a stalker. He told Saturday Beats by means of a progression of mail how he met Edochie and sent a few depictions of their discussion.

He asserted that he was in a tactful sexual association with Edochie who dependably requested blessings from him. He questioned why the performer would request endowments from him in the event that he were a stalker.

Ugochukwu said that so far he had sent an iPad and two wristwatches to the on-screen character. He said at whatever point they have sweetheart’s tiff, Edochie would get somewhat resentful and would request that he pay a fine which he would readily pay.


He said, “I met him by means of a companion, a gay Nollywood area director. My companion revealed to me that Yul Edochie was his ex, so I chose to give it a trial of which he acknowledged. He asked for that I ought to send him my photo of which I did. I began requesting his and he cannot. At that point, I had documented papers for his family to go to Canada and sent him two chronograph timepieces and other material things which he asked. We were in a careful cross-sexual relationship since he said to me not to get his better half included. He additionally let me know via telephone the hours I should call him and when not to.

“When he is on area, I can call whenever I need. The relationship turned sour since he declined to send the photos of his masculinity after I sent mine. When he won’t, I continued calling his line and he began changing his numbers. In any case, later, he revealed to me he would not like to send it to me on account of his associates. He said he was frightened that I may release the photos and his partners would see it.”

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Ugochukwu revealed to Saturday Beats that he and Edochie were seeing someone about 18 months. He said that they had suggest dialogs via phone.

“I have to know whether he was endeavoring to trick me or scam me. Why might he be asking for blessings from me on the off chance that we weren’t into each other? In the event that we weren’t in a circumspect relationship, he wouldn’t state such to me. No bad-to-the-bone straight person could ever open his mouth to state that to a stalker yet he disclosed to me that few times. He said whenever I offended him, I would pay fine. Yes, I paid fines since he continued requesting things from me,” he said.

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