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Office-Practices-Theory-Answers Answer (5) Question Only ================================
Committee is a group of people appointed for a specific function by a larger group and typically consisting of members of that group.
ii)select or special
Explanation :
i)standing committees consider bills and issues and recommend measures for consideration by their respective chambers.

ii)select or special committees conduct investigations and studies and, on other occasions, also to consider measures.

iii)joint committees conduct studies or perform housekeeping tasks rather than consider measures. ================================
Office Furniture:this is an important document of office environment, needed for sitting, working and storing purposes inorder to conduct office work efficiently and comfortably
Tabulate it

i)it is cheap form of printing
ii) Any paper can be use
iii) it can be easily corrected
iv) it does not fade
v) Exact copies may not obtained

Photocopying machine:
i) it is expensive
ii) Any paper can not be used
iii) Correction can not be easily done
iv) it tends to fade
v) Exact copies is obtained
An open cheque is a cheque that is not crossed on the left corner and payable at the counter of the drawee bank on presentation of the cheque.
4bi)standing order- is an instruction a bank account holder “the payer” gives to his or her bank to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another’s “the payee’s” account.
4bii) credit transfer is a system whereby successfully completed units of study contributing towards a degree or diploma can be transferred from one course to another.
4biii) postal order is an order for payment of a specified sum to a named payee, issued by the Post Office.
4biv) money order is a printed order for payment of a specified sum, issued by a bank or Post Office.
4bv) certified cheque is a form of cheque for which the bank verifies that sufficient funds exist in the account to cover the cheque, and so certifies, at the time the cheque is written.
4bvi) I.O.U. Is a Non-negotiable debt instrument addressed to a creditor, dated, and signed by the borrower. ================================
5ai)In Camera- this is a meeting which is not open to the public,this simply meens in secret,maybe for private reasons
5aii) Amendement- if an amendment to motion is proposed a vote is taken or the motion should the amendement be carried. It becomes the resolution and there will be no further discussion on the original motion, other wise the motion is then voted upon
5aiii) Proxy- this is a method of voting where or member who are unable to attend the meeting may vote by post or appoint another member to vote or his behalf
5aiv) Teller- This is the title given to the person appointed to count the votes at a meeting
5av) Casting- this is a second vote, usually allowed to the chairman except in the case of a company meeting. A casting vote is only used for or against a motion ================================
6ai)Envelope sealing machine- this is use to seal all types and sizes of envelops
6aii) jogger- it is use to dry ink after printing in a digital duplicator
6aiii) perforator- this is use to perforate paper or create hole on paper
6aiv)stapler- it is use to staple paper together i.e it is use to join pagies of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple pin through the sheet and folding the end
6av)franking machine- this machine makes printed impression of stamps on envelops. The machine can be franked on a strip ================================
i) Recorded delivery : Can be define as a post office service in which the sender receives a certificate that a letter or parcel has been posted and the post office obtains a signature from the recipient as a record that, it has been delivered

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ii) Registered post:it can be defined as a postal procedure with special Precautions for safety and for compensation incase of loss. Also an act of sending of letters or parcels by using a service that deals with them in special way and makes sure they do not get lost
i)Business reply service
ii)Cash on delivery service
iii) Express mail service
iv) Free post service
v) posted restate service ================================
Functions of Account department
i) Cash control
ii)To keep proper books for account
iii)To control expenditure
Functions of personnel department:
i)Human resources planning
ii)Recruitment, interviewing and selection
iii) Industrial training and development
marketing department :
i)To make market research
ii)To advertise
iii)Distribution of goods
Transport development
i)Inspection of vehicles at check point
ii)Revenue collection for the government
iii)Registration of vehicles
Administrative department:
i) Planning
iii) Organizing ================================
ii)End user
iv)Availability of parts and consumable
v)Technical support Ideally, technical
9ai) Usage- The first thing to consider while making a purchase decision is the estimated usage of the equipment.
9aii) End user- The skill level of the employee who is going to operate the equipment should be considered.
9aiii) Price- When it comes to purchasing new or used office equipment, price is the dominating factor..
9aiv) Availability of parts and consumable- This factor is one of the most important factors to think about.
9av) Technical support- Ideally, technical support and software updates should be included with the initial purchase price of the equipment. ================================
Incoming mail is define as those mailpiece that are received by any company, and in addition to the postal address, contain company specific addresses information such as name, tittle, department, subdivision and others specific details
i)Receiving the mail
ii) sorting the mail
iii) opening the mail
iv) scrutiny of content
i) Receiving the mail :Generally mail are received once or twice a day delivered by the postman. When the volume of correspondence is large, post box or post bag is hired in the post office and office peon is required to collect the mail from the post office. Sometimes are received through the messengers of others offices
ii)Sorting the mail:sorting of letter means grouping of letters on definite order. The letters are grouped either on the basis on there nature or destination or contents. Sorting of letters may be done before opening of letters or after opening, private and confidential letters are separated from the ordinary letters.
iii)opening the mail: In small organization letters are opened by the officer or head clerk. When the volume of letters are large,those are opened by mail opener. In a large organization mails are handled by a mailing department and a clerk is engaged in opening of letters till the date of receipt of letter is recorded, the envelopes detached from the letters should be kept.

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