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Must Read: My Private Tutor Part1

It was a very great , stunning and beautifulmorning. .everything was silent as I knelt

beside my mum and my only 26yrs brother

max burial ground with my 3 years old

junior sister jessy while dad was standing

right next to us wearing his glasses.. ” Mum , I

wish you come back to me and I really

missed you max ” I said tears forming in my

eyes while I guessed dad was already


Jessy : is that where mum is? *she asked

holding my arm *

Me: yes , , say hi to mum

Jessy : hi mum, , why can’ t we go there ?

*referring to me *

I bursted to laughter rubbing her hairs . .

Me: we can’ t go there okay ? ..

Jessy : I want to see mum.. *about to cry *

Dad: jessica *he angrily shouted *

Me: I ’ ll take you there next time okay ?

*she nodded okay *

We placed the rose flowers we were all

holding on the burialground and we later

left the cemmetry .. we made our way into

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my dad’ s rangerover 2016 and zoomed off

with jessy on my lap …

My name is jason, 19 years of age, am not

tall and not short with wizkhalifa body , , am

extremely fair in complexion with a deep

dimples and pink lips …my mum is a fair

woman and a trader popularly known

allover the world, she died two years ago

along side my 26years brother max , a very

tall guy though handsome and a tech guru

in a car accident , , I guessed I inherited that

from him cause I was also given the nick

j .guru (jason guru ).. and my dad, , a choco

skinned man with a little big tommy though

little handsome, he is the richest in my

area. .oh jessy , , jessy is our last born which

follows me . .she is very beautiful that she is

modelling for dad’ s companies . .I am the

only one left to take care of her now beside



Later in the night, , , , I was in my room

playing with jessy when a call landed on my

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infinix note 3 phone , , the ringtone (orobo by

olamide) loudness almost tear the

speaker..I checked the caller to see

tina.. this girl again. .tina is the only daughter

of my dad best friend . .she is 17 , fair skinned

and of average height with big Bosom and

medium round a- s .. above all , she is

beautiful ..

Me: hi tina

Tina: you are not in school and didn ’t call

despite how long I waited for you to

call.. are you okay ?

Have I ever call her ? , , oh , , we were going to

same school and in same class, , sss2 ..she

sometimes come my house though tried

many funny things that God let me

overcame. .and yes have been keeping how

her Bosom always turn me on a secret . .

Me: am sick , , that ’ s why …*i lied *

Tina: sick? , , are you now okay ?

Me: am better..

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