Must Read: My Private Tutor Part6

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 6

We both bursted to laughter . .we both knewam like david in front of goliath eric and me

no b like david wey carry small stone kill

goliath .. eric will just break my neck . .

Val: you no cross go your house ?

Me: I wan carry dat girl ni jare. .

Val: shey jessy ..

Me: ofcourse ..

Val: you beta marry jessy .. no go get yourself

girlfriend o. .

Me: lemme marry her .. not your business ..

We later went our ways .. I jugged to jessy ’ s

school to see her class teacher about closing

the gate . .

Me: hi madam ..

Teacher: hey mr jason..

Me: am here to pick jessy up..

Teacher: your dad stopped a while ago and

picked her . .

Me: oh , , thanks . .goodbye ..
I started walking back home ..I finally made

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it home after walking for decades. .I entered

the sitting room to see kudirat and jessy

sitting on the couch while kudirat was telling

her stories .. jessy jumped down from the

couch and ran to me immediately she saw

me .. I carried her on my hand , kissed her

cheek then put her down .. I greeted kudirat

then just went upstairs so tired. .I should

visit tina.. I was unclading when someone

entered, , at first I thought it was

jessy, , cause she always enter without

knocking but I was suprise to see kudirat ..

Kudirat : oh am sorry. .

Me: its nothing . .

*she entered and closed my door *

Kudirat : I came to tell you the food is

ready. .

Me: oh really .. thanks ..
I was waiting for her leave but this girl just

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stand dey stare at my chest.. is she feeling

my six packs or what ( lol ). .I stared back full

of curiousity, , that ’ s when I have a clear

view of her bigboobs and her transparent

cloth that I can even see her God gifted

Bosom d– k has already turned rock that

I quickly covered it and I can see she knew

as she smiles .. chaii ..

Me: are you not leaving?. .

Kudirat : oh am sorry. .
She turned back walking towards the door

shaking her extremely big backyard that I

can’t stop staring at . .she finally left and I

quickly catch my this the girl I

will be living with . .she is extremely

tempting .. d– n. .

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