Must Read: My Private Tutor Part4

  • Must Read: My Private Tutor Part4

    Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 4

    Jul 21, 20170
    New maid? .. woah. .thank God .. I won’ t bedoing all those house chores wey b lyk say

    person dey carry block for block industry. .I

    let out some smile though she was already


    Dad: I am attending urgent meeting right

    now so I won’ t be able to carry jessy

    along. .jessy dad is sorry okay

    He knelt in front of jessy then kissed her

    cheek while I caught kudirat many times

    stealing glances at me ..

    Dad: kudirat will take you to school okay ? ..

    *jessy looked at kudirat and nodded NO

    holding my lap *

    Oh d – n .. am already late before , , how can I

    take you to school. .dad laughed out loud

    then went out. .I checked my time to see

    7:41 am ..

    Me: alright let ’ s go jessy . .*she then smiled *

    Kudirat : what did you want me to prepare

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    for you ?

    Me: rice will be better. .

    Kudirat : alright goodbye ..

    I didn ’t even reply as I stormed out carrying

    jessy with me ..I made my way out of the

    duplex house then ran with great speed to

    jessy school while she was laughing on my

    hand ..little thing didn’ t know how heavy she

    was.. I finally got to her school with king ’ s

    kindagarteen boldly written at the school

    gate ..I entered the school and quickly

    located her class as I am the one that

    brought her here everyday. .I greeted her so

    young class teacher who was looking at the

    mirror and apologize for being late ..

    I stormed out and ran to my own

    school. .after 10 minutes of running , , well am

    very fast , , I even won two trophy for my

    school in a running competition. .I finally

    made it to my school sweating profusely

    and so tired ..are they not taking late comers

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    today?. .I ran inside and straight to

    assembly ground .. I stayed at my usual

    place at the front line while val followed

    me ..

    Val: guy why you con dey sweat like

    this? , , did you f – k before coming school ?

    *he whisper to my hear *

    Me: fool , , I ran here *i hissed *

    Val is a tall guy with choco skin and a bit

    handsome, , he is the master f —- r I have

    ever known .. he is f —- d almost everygirl in

    the world ..

    “ Jason” someone called ..I turned left to see

    principal standing from a bit far . .she then

    motioned to me to come ..I was about

    leaving when my eyes met with tina ..she

    winked at me while I just cursed her in my

    mind ..but where is anna..

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