Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 9

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 9

I jumped from the bed and quickly head tothe door , , I finally made it to door praying

its not kudirat .. I decided to open the door

in the count of three, , I later opened the

door after counting it in my mind to see

kudirat wearing same nightie like in the

dream, , I was so scared . .is this how dreams

come true.. I was so relief when I noticed

she was backing jessy . .I sighed and let out

some smile..

Kudirat : she says she will sleep with you ..

I opened the door wide for her to

enter. .she entered and later dropped jessy

on my bed. .

Kudirat : the girl really likes you. .even in her

sleep, , its your name she is shouting..

I just smiled and she later went out.. I

sighed again and laid on my bed ..I can’ t just

sleep as I kept thinking about the dream. .I

muttered some prayers and later flew to

wonderland .. I woke to see jessy slapping

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my chest really hard.. u no be kid again

now.. ” Wake up!!!” She shouted .. today is

saturday..I stood up placing jessy on the

floor .. I wore my knicker and a blue top, , I

checked the time on my phone to see

9:16 am .. what ?? . .am no different to a lazy

bum ..

Me: where is dad?

Jessy : he is gone out ..

Me: and kudirat?

“ Here I am ” , , she said then opened my

door ..

Kudirat : goodmorning..

Me: . , , how was your night ?

Kudirat : really awesome *she winked at

me *

Why is she winking , , there I see she was

wearing a very tight skimpy skirt revealing

her massive backyard and under – wear like

cloth showing parts of her fresh Bosom as

seen in my dream . .we went downstairs ..we

were still eating when a call landed on my

phone , , its tina , , why early in the morning ..I

excuse myself then went out to receive the

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Me: hi tina. .

Tina: goodmorning jason, , how about coming

to your house today?

What ?. .I can’ t let her come because of

kudirat. .

Me: oh , , I ’ ll come there don ’t worry ..

Tina: you will really come ?. .

Me: sure. .

Tina: I ’ ll be expecting you ..I already bought

a packet of condom ..

Condom? .. for what ?. .I think I ’ ll really be

deflowered this time by tina.. we chatted

more and I later hung up with the excuse

that am eating. .I quickly devoured my food

in less than 5minutes can’t just wait to see

tina.. I retired to my room straight – away . .I

quickly uncladed myself then rushed to the

bathroom , , after the bath that seems to last

for decades, , I later stepped into my room

and started cleaning my body . .

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