Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 8

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 8

Me: alright ma *hung up*Seems I can’t visit tina today again .. I later

drifted to sleep and was woken up by


Jessica: kudirat says to wake you up..

Spoilt brat , , can’ t even include sister ..

Me: why *i managed to say *

Jessica: she said food is ready * sitting on

me *

What ?. .I slept so long. .I stood up carrying

jessy and use the opportunity to check the

time on my phone to see 9:52 pm. .chaii . .I

have 5 missed calls and one message . .4

from tina and 1 from dad while I decide to

not check the message , , it will be those

stupid mtn ….why will dad call me .. I later

went downstairs then ate my food. .I was

happy jessy chose to sleep in kudirat

room..I will have to sleep without worries.. I

later retired to my room and jumped on my

bed.. I unlocked my phone and dialled tina’ s

number, , she picked it immediately ..

Me: hi tina. .

Tina: I thought you don’ t want to pick my

call again ..

Me: am sleeping then .. am sorry ..

Tina: I just wanted to hear your voice

before sleeping..

Me: now that you’ ve heard it ..goodnight

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*don’ t waste my airtime *

Tina: goodnight …love you. .

Well, , she forced me to say “ love you

too ” .. but I think it came from the bottom of

my heart. .I just placed my phone aside

then continue my sleep forgetting to call

dad.. suddenly I heard a knock on my

door .. who is it by this time now ..I prayed its

not jessy , , jessy can’ t knock now.. I managed

to stand up and staggered to my door with

my eyes opening and force closing ..I

opened the door to see kudirat standing in

her nightie smiling at me . .that ’ s when my

eyes became clearer .. she entered then

closed the door ..I was just staring at her

wondering what she was doing here ..

Me: what are you doi …..

She interupted by kissing me and placing

my hand on her soft Bosom while at

thesame dug her right hand in my boxers

stroking my full erected d – k .. I started

squeezing her Bosom while she was moaning

softly. .we made it to the bed still romancing

each other ..

Kudirat : I can’ t say how much I loved you. .

Me: what about dad?

Kudirat : he is not coming home tonight…

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She pulled down my boxers after I ’ v

succefully removed her nightie leaving her

stark Unclad. .her Bosom was even bigger

seeing it nakedly . .I can’t wait to f – k this

girl. .I began fingering her generating the

idea from the porns I ’ v watched ..

Kudirat : I really love you jason. .baby I can’ t

wait to feel you inside me ..

We started kissing again till she pushed me

on the bed.. she rubbed my chest downward

to my hard rock d – k , , she s —- d me clean

before climbing on me .. she placed my d – k

in k —y , , riding me like a horse. .I later

changed position making her laid on the


I rubbed her k —y with my d– k and later

entered with full force ..suddenly I started

feeling pain on my d – k ..I woke up sweating

profusely .. so its just a dream ? .. d– n. .and I

was f —– g my bed all this while.. I have

already cumed to my boxers .. 3minutes

later .. I laid on my bed to sleep when a

knock landed on my door .. what ? .. kudirat? ..

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