Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 36


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 36

I walked past eric body still lieing on thefloor then shook my head. .” Make s – x no kill

me like this o” I thought to mysef .. I

stormed out then head home .. I entered the

sitting room panting heavily, , am really great

in running ..” Kudirat ” I called two times but

no response. .I climbed up the stairs and

walked to kudirat’ s door , , she is gone to

market? Abi where is she?. .I knocked her

door but no response, , I entered to see

kudirat crying sitting on her bed.. what

happened ? , , I slowly walked and sat beside

her …

Kudirat : is this how you planning to dump

me ? Can’ t believe you were lieing the whole

time, , you have no feelings for me , , you took

my love for joke ..

What is she saying now ….I finally speaks

Me: wh. .at did you mean *i stammered*

Kudirat : tina called me saying you two are

getting married next month , , she said you

just playing me .. you really can’ t do this to

me , , you know I ’ ll die without you. .*she


I really pitied her , , how did tina got her

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number sef.. oh ..ah don forget say the girl

no be human , , how did she know we are

dating then .. that girl na real devil..

Me: am really sorry.. its true we are getting

married but its you I love kudirat not

her father forced me into the

marriage ..

Kudirat : your d. .ad ? I can’t lose you ..* she

sobbed more*

Me: don’ t worry, , you won ’t . .I will make sure

to not marry her . .

Kudirat : really ?

Me: sure. .

She jumped on me really happy which

made me fell lying on the bed while she laid

on me . .I began kissing her roughly, , I was

quickly turned on .. as my d – k already

turned rock .. she suddenly withdrew her

mouth then sat on the bed. .

Me: what ’s wrong??

Kudirat : I went to doctor that time you

went to val ’ s house , , I thought it was just

malaria at first .. but I was so wrong. .am

preg. .na .. nt for y . .ou ja. .son *she


What ?? .. preg kinni?? ..chaii really

dead.. what to do now..

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Kudirat : should I abort it ??

Me: what ?, , you can’ t do that ..

Kudirat : what are we gonna do now, , what

will happen if your dad finds out. .*about


I calm her down and later went to my


Later in the night. .I was thinking about the

pregnancy , , dad will really kill us .. I later

started playing games on my phone and

was enjoying it when amaka call came in. .I

hissed then changed my phone to airplane

mode. .” if you wan kill me better con do it

now” I said angrily .. I later drifted to sleep

as I was so tired. .I suddenly woke up

hearing some wierd tone to see myself lying

on the floor inside a strange place that looks

like a shrine…I can see human bones

everywhere.. I was so scared that I wanted

to shout help but realise I can’ t talk .. ” Hello

handsome” a familier voice said ..I turned

back to see the suprise of my life . .what ??

am really dead. .

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