Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 34


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 34

Tina: you’ ve been acting wierd lately , , youwon’ t call and won’ t pick my calls can’ t

just break up with me like that . .

Me: am not trying to break up with you

*am trying to run far away from you * I

thought to myself. .

Tina: really ?

Me: sure. .

Tina: can I come to your house then ?

Lailai , , you can’ t come. .kudirat go kill me

Me: don’ t worry I ’ ll come there , , am

planning to come before anyway . .

Tina: okay then I ’ ll be expecting you , , love


*hung up*

I hissed angrily and later went into the

bathroom , , after 30 minutes of bathing , , I

stepped into my room then claded in a blue

jean , a white nike sneakers and a white

designed top ..I climbed down the stairs to

see kudirat sitting on the couch watching

films. .I lied to her I was going to val ’ s house

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and quickly exited the house .. on getting to

tina’ s house ..I knocked the gate and the

gatekeeper open the door . .

Me: is tina inside?

Gatekeeper : yes, , oga.. are you his boyfriend

coz there is another guy inside. .

Me: what ?? ..

I dashed inside but doesn ’ t see anybody in

the sitting room, , I ran upstairs and was

about opening tina ’s door when I heard “ I

really love you tina” eric? .. I started


Eric: please give me a chance. .

Tina: you really wanted it so badly ? Are you

sure nothing will happen to you after ?. .

Eric: nothing will ever happen to me , , let ’s

do this ..

I suddenly heard nothing more but later

began hearing eric’ s moans while tina was

shouting at him to stop but its like her

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mouth was covered. .my anger grew to

another lenght as I planned to stormed in

but I suddenly heard eric shouting and

something later landed on the

floor .. ” Please ” eric begged . .eric suddenly

began gasping for breath , , that ’ s when I

stormed in to see tina been turned to half

monster, half human and eric knelt

vomitting blood on the floor . .eric later fell in

the pool of blood while I can’ t stop staring

in fear ..

Me: wh. .at a.. re yo .. u? * i stammered taking

steps backward*

She have turned back to tina this time and

was just smiling at me which was just

making me fear her more and more. .d – n .. I

don enter gbege

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