Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 32

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 32

What ?…summoned me ? ..Tina: I ’ v missed you my love

She started walking towards me removing

her cloths one after the other while I can’ t

stop moving backward..

Tina: don’ t be scared jason..

Me: what are you? ..

Tina: I bet you don’ t want to know..

Me: the blood of jesus !! *i shouted *

Tina: shut up. .like he knew that jesus. .now

follow me ..

She started climbing up the stairs nakedly

while I followed her sheepishly, , my brain is

really out of reach.. it network is down

already. .we later enter her room and she

closed the door ..

Tina: did you know how much I loved you? ..

I was just staring agape don’ t know what to


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Tina: remove your cloth. .

I removed my cloths with my body shaking

like I was in pluto …

Tina: didn’ t you feel anything for me ?. .

Me: the truth is…. I have someone am loving

*i stammered*

Tina: what ??? *tears trickled down her


Me: am sorry tina * i stammered again *

Tina: sorry? .. I ’v loved you with my whole

life jason..

Two hot slaps landed on my cheek and

that ’ s when I found myself on her bed been

tied like a goat . .

Me: what are you doing * i stammered *

Tina: see for yourself. .

She raised her hand up and two cain found

there way to her hand .. am really dead. .she

bagan flogging me hard while I kept

screaming in pain. .” Tell anybody about this

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and I ’ ll kill you” . .I was just screaming when

I wake up to see kudirat beside me on her

bed sweating profusely ..

Kudirat : you keep shouting tina’ s

name, , what are you two doing in your

dream *jealousy face*

Me: so it was a dream thank God ..

Kudirat : what ? , , what ’ s all this over your

body * covered her mouth and full of


Me: what are you talking ab …()

I checked my body to see traces of

cain .. chaii .. is this even a dream ? .. it might

be amaka that turned to tina. .d – n .. am

really in trouble . .

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