Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 31


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 31

I ran out with captain america ’ s speed ..Istormed into kudirat ’ s room to see johnson

forcing her to s – x . .” Hey” I shouted . .he

quickly turned back and gave me a

goldberg ’s punch which sent me flying back

like a crashed jet and finally landed on the

floor .. I stood again sharparly.. the guy ran to

me with his 50 naira eba blow.. but I evaded

it this time and he hitted his hand with

kudirat’ s mirror . .he then took his top and

ran away .. kudirat quickly hugged me . .

Kudirat : am sorry jason. .

Me: are you okay . .

Kudirat : thanks to you ..I am . .

Me: what happened to your boyfriend *now

disengaged *

Kudirat : he is not my boyfriend *she


Me: what ?

Kudirat : I hired him for 5k to act as a

boyfriend, , I wanted to make you jealous. .

I bursted to laughter ..

Me: so what happened ?

Kudirat : all those moanings are fake , , I was

just doing that to make you jealous

also. .but I guess that ’ s what turn that

stupid thug on as he began rubbing my

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shoulder, , then I shou . .ted

h. .elp .. *stammered *

Me: I love you kudirat ..

I found myself saying ..she was just staring

at me not wanting to believe. .but I really

do ..she jumped on me kissing me

everywhere.. it finally turned to something

else when I started caresing her Bosom .. we

landed on the bed. .we quickly stripped

ourselves Unclad. .what happened earlier

with queen suddenly made it way to my

thought ..she later laid and I was about

entering the temple again when my thing

reduces again to its last size ..

Kudirat : something is really wrong with you


Me: I think I know who did this to me ..

Kudirat : who?

Me: amaka ..

Kudirat : that b —h ?

Me: she is not a b —h kudirat ..she is a


Kudirat : a mermaid?

Me: I mistakenly promised her I won’ t ever

bleep anybody else except her . .I didn’ t

know she wasn ’ t an ordinary person .. we ’ ve

even been hitched under water .. *i


Kudirat : what ? ..

Me: I can’t stop wanting to bleep her

whenever am around her ..I don’ t know

what ’ s happening to me *i covered my

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face*. .

Kudirat : *held my hand * ..don ’t worry you

will be fine my love .. am sorry I didn’ t know

you are going through this ..

We hugged for about 2mins and later broke

off. .we soon slept together cuddling each

other. .I suddenly woke up in the midnight

so thirsty .. I walked downstairs to get my

lemon drink ..I opened the

refrigerator, , pulled out the drink and gulped

it down .. I turned back to leave but I was so

suprised to see I wasn ’ t in my house

again, , the house am in looks

familier.. amaka again, , am dead this

time. .” Hello my love ” I heard then turned

back to see tina. .what ?. .

Me: what am I doing here ? , , how are you

here tina?

Tina: in my house ? ..

That’s when I looked around and later

realise she was telling truth ..

Me: but how am I here ?

Tina: I summoned you here ..

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