Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 3


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 3

Me: am sorry, , I tried your number but notreachable *i lied , I guess am good at lieing*

*two minutes later *

Anna : I also tried your number in the

morning when that biology teacher , , what ’ s

her name ?. .oh angela asked of

you. .anyways he collected your number

from me . .but what ’ s between you two ..

*i replied immediately *

Me: nothing , , what will be in – between a

student and a teacher ..

Anna : and tina?

Me: tina? .. she is just a friend ..

Anna : what is the rumour you two are

dating that have already circulated the

whole school like ebola .. I can’ t trust you

again even stupid for trusting you

from the start …goodnight * offline *

What ’s wrong with her ? .. trust?. .na she sabi

jhoor ..I jumped on a canoe and slowly

rowed to wonderland ..I later drifted to a

deep slumber just beside jessy .. ” Praah !!”. .I

used my right hand to angrily shut the

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stupid alarm off .. person no go sleep? .. I

forcefully opened my glued eyes to see

jessy sleeping on my chest, , dis girl too dey

sleep- walk. .I carefully and gently placed her

on the bed, , I checked the time on my

phone to see 7: 25am ..what ?. .I quickly ran

inside the bathroom and just bath

anyhow ..I stepped inside my room to see

jessy still sleeping. .I shook my head then

quickly claded in my uniform and woke

jessy up..

Me: jessica, , time for school. .

She opened her eyes while I quickly rushed

her to the bathroom , , I bath for her then

quickly wear her uniform for her .. ” Jason” I

heard dad screamed from downstairs. .

Me: let ’ s go now jessy *referring to jessy *

I carried her and rushed downstairs to see

dad dressed in his agbada and fila abeti

aja.. he is really ugly in agbada. .

Dad: I ’ ll be going now *he gave me my

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feeding fee *

Me: are you not going to drop jessica at her


Dad: oh , , kudirat !!. .*he shouted *

Who is kudirat? …” Yes” I heard a girl voice

replied..I turned back to see a very big

Bosom girl walking towards us , , she is a bit

fair in complexion, , we are of same

height, , her pink lips are well shown

alongside her big backyard , , she will be 21 I

guessed …I can’ t stop staring while my thing

was already turned rock ..she finally got to

where we were all standing staring at me

somehow ..

Dad: oh kudirat, , I forgot to tell you I have a

son, , he is jason, , and jason this is kudirat

our new maid. .I brought her in last

night, , you have already slept so I chose not

to bother you ..

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