Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 26


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 26

I was only given about 6 punches all overmy body before we heard “ stop ” . .I faced up

then turned left to see a woman wearing a

white celestial garment ..

Woman : why are you beating him?

Eric: not you concern.. just go your

way. .stupid woman. .

*the woman just smiled *

Eric: continue guys ..

They were about to continue when she

stopped them again. .

Woman : if you lay even a finger on him, , I ’ll

ask for holy ghost fire to burn you ..

Hearing this they all ran coz there is rumour

a pastor commanded a fire onto someone

who slapped him body .. fools.. they don’ t

want to die .. I finally stood up then carried

my back – pack . .

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Me: thank you ma , , , am very grateful . .

Woman : you are welcome, , I think this why

God led me to this way ..

I cleaned my cloth with my handkerchief

and was about leaving when she stopped

me ..

Woman : wait. .spirit are telling me you made

some promises to a woman who is not a

human being .. and for you to be free from

that promise , , you will have to fast and

prayed for 3days ..

She gave me her church address then

walked away .. but who did I made promise

to .. what is this woman saying. .I guess she

was just blabbing for some money ..I hissed

then dashed home as I was very hungry..I

greeted kudirat who was watching films

downstairs but she ignored me and I just

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went to my room to see amaka waiting for

me ..

Amaka: welcome jason. .

I later sat beside her after changing to

simple cloth ..she was staring into my eyes

romantically..she suddenly planted a deep

kiss on my lip ..

Amaka: jason, , I can’ t stop myself from

loving you ..

I was so happy in my mind that I am

becoming a big boy , , I made my tutor fell for

me only for two weeks..

Amaka: jason..

Me: yes ..

Amaka: let ’ s get married. .

What ?? .. marry who? .. now? .. what is she

saying? …

Problems began

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