Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 25


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 25

I woke feeling some pain on my neck havinghave a rough sleeping. .I yawned 5times

before getting up from bed. .I checked the

time on my phone to see 7:13 am . .what ?? ..I

dashed to bathroom .. after bathing I

cleaned my body then claded in my

uniform. .I dashed out of the house then

ran to my school. .I was so glad I made it

there on time as the time keeper ( val ) just

rang the assembly bell as I walked in to my

class.. I and val went to the assembly

together .. after singing and dancing mrs

psycho (principal ) came to the front to talk. .

Principal: am here to give some awards as

usual on march of every year..

This woman with her senseless awards . .

Principal: best clique of this year goes to

jason and val ..

Val held my hand laughing histerically ..” We

made it ” he said ..

Principal: best couple goes to jason and


Tina ran and hugged me while people can’ t

stop staring at us .. what ’ s so special about

this award. .well I was also smiling

happily.. we later disengaged ..

Principal: as usual most handsome goes to

jason, , but unfortunate for anna , , most

beautiful goes to tina..

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I can see anna facing down ..I looked at tina

who can’ t stop laughing . .

Principal: most intelligent goes to

hmmm , , jason..most troublemaking goes to

eric. .

I can see eric eyes turning red . .I knew am


Principal: and the last. .most ugly goes to

val .. that ’ s all for this year. .good day ..

I can’ t stop laughing at val . .we later

marched into the class. .5minutes later

Angela walked in with a dark skinned

bootylicious girl .. she introduced herself as

Queen ige ..woah nice name , the name really

fitted her as she carry a heavy load at her

back plus her front ..

Val: omo see this girl sha, , her figure 8 be

like toolz’ s ..

I smiled and just ignored val .. after the day

lesson, , val forced me to go toast Queen ..I

later agreed after much persuasion . .she was

arranging her books in her back – pack when

I showed myself now with much swagger ..

Me: hi Queen

Queen : hi jason..

How did she know my name ?. .well am so

popular ..I started giving her some punch

lines and I can see she was feeling as she

kept smiling especially at the place I said

she is the most beautiful girl in the world. .I

later introduced val to her .. I opted out and

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leave them talking , , they were about

exchanging contacts when we heard

“ queen ” .. we looked at the direction to see

miss psycho ..

I stylishly ran out leaving val with his

trouble and smiling devilishly .. I was walking

home just so happy ..” today is my happiest

day” I thought to myself only if I know bad

things that ’ s coming to me . .I suddenly felt a

small stone hit my head ..I turned angrily to

see eric and jide( tallest in the school) .. I ran

while they ran after me , , I looked at my

front to see his other friend waiting for me

sitting on an uncompleted building

window.. I finally stopped , , nowhere to ran

to .. they got to where I was standing and

immediately forced me to kneel. .

Eric: hi jason.. where is val ..

Me: he is there at your back . .

He quickly looked at his back to see

nothing , , I laughed out ..

Me: you fell for that *still laughing *

He angrily slapped my mouth .. I can feel my

tooth about removing while his other friends

bursted to laughter. .

Eric: beat him up *he commanded others *

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