Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 24


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 24

I wasted no time as I am also h —y , , Iquickly pulled down her mini skirt . .that ’s

when I saw a strange designed bead she

was wearing just at the top of her white

pant .. I was so shocked and scared at first

but reassured me its nothing ..I fired on f

—– g her like craze even forgetting am

having a problem .. how come I can bleep

amaka and tina. .” that kudirat must have

something bad in her body ” I thought to

myself. .

she was moaning loud that I have to cover

her mouth .. after 1hr of f —– g . .I cumed

inside her and we dressed up to continue

the lesson but she can’ t teach me anything

again as she held my hand looking at my


Amaka: you are so goodlooking that I fell for

you the moment I set my eyes on you. .

We chatted more and I get to know many

things about her , , she said she fell for a guy

when she was in sss3 ..the guy deflowered

her and he happened to impregnated

her , , he forced her to abort the pregnancy

that nearly took away her life and it turns

out she can’ t concieve again. .I really pitied

some of her stories, , she later left and I

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came back inside lying on my bed. .I was

just happy I regained back my d – k . .I

started playing games on my phone .. dads

not coming home today, , where is he even


I later checked the time on my phone to

see 10: 11pm ..I managed to stand up then

went downstairs to drink my lemon

juice .. but I was suprised to kudirat sitting

on the couch with her eyes glued to

whatever she was doing , , I decided to join

her ..

Me: hi ..

*no response*

Me: kudirat ..

Kudirat : leave me alone ..

What ’s happening to this girl , , no be say she

don run mad. .

Me: what ’s wrong with you ?

Kudirat : I was coming to your room to give

you the coffee I made for you , , but the

moans I was hearing can’ t make me

enter, , then I heard that tutor of your ’s

telling you to f – k her hard..

I just stared agape and saliva almost

dropped from my mouth , , so she heard. .

Kudirat : I am even so stupid for trusting

you, ,

She angrily walked away while I started

regretting. .I know I can’ t do without her ..I

later retired to my room and immediately

drifted to sleep..

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“ I entered tina ’s house smiling, , she sent me

her Unclad picture last night which turned me

on and can’t let me stop thinking of me

bleeping.. I made my way to the sitting

room, ” tina” I called . .” In my room” she

answered. .I dashed upstairs and doesn ’t

bother knocking her door as I just

entered..she was making up backing me ..I

hugged her from behind and in no time our

lips met , , we still kissing when she suddenly

pushed me away , , she held her head then

screamed out that I have to cover my

ears , , I turned my face up and almost pee

to my pant as I saw a very tall and

extremely scary ugly monster with four

hands two legs in front of me . .

Monster: I know you did not love me , , you

are just decieving me ..I ’ ll kill you today..

Me: please *i shouted *

The monster ran towards me in form of fire

and was about attacking when I wake up on

my bed sweating profusely . .” It was dream ” I

said two times breathing heavily. .which kind

dream be this

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