Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 23

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 23

Jul 31, 20170
We later sat together on her bed.. but howcome I can bleep tina and not kudirat ..

Kudirat : how about doing test tomorrow ?

Me: that will be better coz I can’ t just

understand what ’s happening to me . .

Kudirat : you will be fine.. okay ? *she held

my hand *

We ended up sleeping on thesame bed

though we did nothing as my d– k gave no

chance..I later woke up to see myself alone

on the bed.. I went straight to my room..I

won’ t be going to school tody..I later have

my bath and claded in a blue jean and a

white versace armless top .. I checked my

time to see 10:32 am . .I went downstairs to

see kudirat fully dressed. .she is really

beautiful even than tina. .

Me: you are really the defination of beauty ..

Kudirat : really ?

Me: sure. .

Kudirat : thanks ..

We later went to a nearby hospital.. I

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explained to the doctor who can’ t stop

laughing at me . .he finally tested me and we

waited 30 minutes for the result ..I was little

relieved when the result shown nothing . .

Doctor: nothing is happening to you might be the result of

frequent s – x ..

I have to stop sexing for some time

then .. we later went home so happy for the

result. .so nothing happened to me afterall

though he gave me some pills ..I later used

the pills after my breakfast with kudirat .. I

retired to my room, , I checked my time to

see 12: 02pm ..I slowly began journey to

wonderland .. I finally slept off. .I felt a warm

hand on my body , , ” jason wake up” ..I

suddenly wake up to see amaka smiling at

me ..

Amaka: time for lesson ..

What ?? .. did I slept so long , , I later managed

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to stand up.. I checked my time to see

4:15 pm.. chaii .. I finally went to my reading

chair then sat with her ..

Amaka: how are you doing ?

Me: am good ..

Amaka: the truth is , , I can wait to see you

today and can’ t stop thinking about you


Me: same here *i lied*

We started the lesson though she won ’ t stop

rubbing my lap .. after 30minutes of


Amaka: so did you enjoyed what we did last

time *rubbing my chest*

I was just staring agape as she made her

way to my belt.. she loosed my belt while I

was busy caresing her Bosom .. she pulled me

up and we made our way to my bed..

Amaka: I am so h —y jason, , really need

you. .

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