Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 22

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 22

Alfa: come on get out *he shouted reallyloud*

We ran out with great speed and continue

our journey home

Val: what is the man saying ?

Me: I can’t understand either ..

We started walking home wondering why

the alfa man chased us out like that .. silence

covered the area as we were both thinking

about the issue ..val later broke the silence..

Val: guy forget am . .ntin dey do you jarwe ..

*I just nodded okay *

Val: did you know anna is eric ’ s younger


Me: what ?. .

Val: I guess she haven’ t tell you yet . .

He later went his way and I head home, , on

getting home , , I went straight to my room

ignoring kudirat who can’ t stop staring at

me .. I was unclading my cloth when a call

came in. .” Anna ” .. I hissed then picked it ..

Me: hi anna ..

Anna : hi jason, , I want to tell you

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something ..eric is my brot ..

Me: I know..val told me ..

Anna : am really sorry for not telling you .. I

didn’ t love you from the begining , , eric

begged me to seduce you and make you

have s- x with me while recording

everything..he plans to give tina the

recording so she will break up with you but

I doesn ’ t succeed .. am so sorry..

Me: okay . .I forgive you ..

Anna : thank you. .I wish you and tina great

and happy time .. bye forever

She hung up and I ended up on my bed

only thinking about my own problem ..

Later in the night, , I switched on my laptop

and scrolled to the p – n folder after it finish

booting prepared to check if my rod will

rise. .I started watching p – n and I was so

suprise seeing my d – k turned rock and

big.. I was d– n happy. .I snucked out to

kudirat’ s room to let her know my d – k is

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working fine by f —– g her hard.. I knocked

her door unpatiently..she later opened the

door , , she just bathed as I was seeing the

traces of water on her body tieing a white

towel. .

Kudirat : jason, , what are you doing here ?

Jamb question .. wait and see for yourself ..

I rushed in and closed the door , , I hurriedly

removed her towel squeezing her heavenly

Bosom ..she started moaning rubbing my

hard rock d – k roughly. .we landed on the

bed and I later set my d– k at the entrance

but was so suprise to see my d– k reducing

back to its smallest size . .I can see the

suprise on kudirat’ s face while I stared

agape ..

Kudirat : jason something is really happening

to you ..

I just stared at my rod not saying

anything , , what ’ s this. .Lord help me …

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