Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 21

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 21

I laid on my bed thinking about what justhappened can’ t able to wey dey

bleep anyhow can’t bleep again now .. ” This

is really bad” I muttered to myself . .I

checked my time to see 11 :31 pm.. I later

drifted to wonderland after thinking of the

cause of my problem but can’ t remember

anything ..I woke up early in the morning

and quickly ran to school even not greeting

dad just because I was so shy to see

kudirat. .I got to school and enter my

class, , there are few students in the class.. I

satdown then brought out my “ once upon a

time novel” . .someone suddenly sat with

me , , I turned left to see tina..

Me: goodmorning. .

Tina: goodmorning jason. .you didn ’t call

yesterday and didn ’ t pick my

calls ..something wrong?

Me: nothing , , I slept off early yesterday

night and haven’ t check my phone

today.. am sorry *i lied *

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Tina: I trust you. .*she smiled *

She dragged me to the lab to have

quickie..I was so scared and even disagree

taking school rules as excuse all because of

my strange d – k . .but she later forced me

and I gave up. .she loose her skirt and

pulled it up holding the lab table and telling

me to enter from behind. .I loosed my belt

and later pulled out my d – k to see how

hard and big it was, , I was happy. .I quickly

inserted it in her k —y and f — – d her

hard.. we later went back to the class after

the quickie. .I can’t stop smiling. .something

must be wrong with that kudirat girl . .

After the day lesson , , I and val started

walking home ..

Me: why did you break up with joyce. .

Val: why won ’ t I , , she wan use s – x kill me

na ..

*i bursted to laughter*

Me: I saw her in the library today with

eric, , he was bleeping the girl. .

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Val: chaii .. my akube..

*we both laughed *

Me: guy I wan tell you something ..

Val: weytin na ? You don bleep that your

tutor abi ? ..

Me: sure, , but that ’ s not what I wanted to

tell you. .

*i explain everything to him*

Val: something must be happening to

you. .hmm.. let me take you somewhere ..

We got to one building with arabic letters

written on it body ..we then made our way

in. .

Val: alfa ..

Alfa: yes..

He later come out and apologise for keeping

us waiting ..

Alfa: long time no see val . .sitdown *we sat *

*val explain everything*

The man bursted to laughter then started

speaking arabic holding a bead like thing. .he

suddenly shouted holding his head. .

Alfa: you in deep trouble ..just leave. .

Me: what ?

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