Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 20

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 20

Later in the nightI was wearing my boxers pacing round my

room waiting for kudirat. .after waiting for a

while I decided to call her . .

Kudirat : hello

Me: hi kuddy. .you are not coming tonight?

Kudirat : am having a slight headache. .can’ t

you come here ?

Headache?. .I dashed out of my room then

ran to her room.. I quickly open her door to

see kudirat sleeping on the bed.. I ran to

her ..

Me: how are you now?

Kudirat : not better. .

I placed my hand on her head but its so

cold not even hot ..

Kudirat : I can see you really care about

me ..

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She suddenly stood up and sat with me on

the bed ..

Me: what did you mean ?

Kudirat : I was just testing you .. nothing

happened to me . .

We later began our usual game . .we beagn

with kiss and I was enjoying it ..she later lied

down waiting for me to insert my big rod

inside her . .I pulled down my boxers then

realise my d – k has not even rise ..what ’ s

happening to me ..kudirat looked at me

suprisingly when she also saw my d– k not

rising. .

Kudirat : what is happeing jason..

Me: I don’ t know..

She touched my d – k and quickly pulled

back her hand like the thing shocked

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her , , when did my sweet thing turn electric

shock.. kudirat was just staring at me with

more suprise clearly shown on her

face.. does that mean I can’ t bleep

again. .am dead. .

Kudirat : I just can’ t touch it ..

Me: what ?

I touched it and even stroked it but nothing

happens to me ..

Kudirat : let me try again. .

She placed her hand on my d – k and quickly

pulled it back again .. that ’ s when I realise its

not even a small thing.. am really in

trouble ..

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