Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 18


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 18

A week later . .Monday

I and kudirat f —- d almost everyday as jessy

been taken away by my mum sister. .amaka

and I are getting along well though I can’ t

stop dreaming I f —- d her , , I tried my luck

many times but she gave me no

chance..tina and I are still acting as couple

while anna and val was secretly dating .. the

guy finally dropped joyce and was dating

her bestfriend and yes .. miss angela got

married. .


I got home so tired that I went to my room

straight and just jumped on the bed so

tired.. I later managed to removed my

uniform then laid back on my bed the

way where is kudirat. .my phone began

ringing.. I checked the caller to see

amaka .. weytin gan gan !!. .she wan kill me ?. .

Me: hello

Amaka: jason, , I have a slight headache and

can’t come there today so I think you will

have to come to my house today..

What ?? .. her house ? ..d – n . .am so tired now..

Me: alright . .I ’ ll be there , , but I don’ t know

the place, , can you text me the location ?

Amaka: no problem ..I ’ ll be waiting for you. .

I quickly freshen up then claded in a

knicker- bocker plus white top and a white

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nike sneakers .. I back my back – pack then

went out .. seems kudirat has gone market. .I

finally got to amaka ’ s house as described by

her ..its a flat house ..I knocked the door

twice before she opened it wearing a pink

transparent sleeveless top on a short

knicker. .this girl is so beautiful . .she ushered

me inside .. I sat on the couch in her well

arranged and sense making sitting room..

Amaka: what should I offer you ?

Me: anything ma ..

Amaka: I told you to stop using ma for me ..

Me: o. .kay *i stammered*

She later came back with a strawberry

youghurt .. I quickly gulped it down as I was

thirsty before ..

Amaka: let ’ s go inside ..

Can’ t she teach me here , , why inside.. we

later went inside in her room. .we sat on her

reading chair .. she was busy teaching maths

while I can’ t stop staring at her well

arranged big Bosom clearly shown through

her transparent cloth .. I don’ t know why , but

I found myself wanting to touch it…I made

an attempt touching them but she stylishly

removed my hand , , there she go again. .

I tried again and this time she does

nothing , , I was d – n happy as my heart kept

pounding though my d – k already about

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tearing my boxers ..she was just staring at

me while I was just busy caressing her

Bosom wondering why there is no

reaction , , squeezing her Bosom don’ t turn

her on ? , , I later dug my finger in her ears

that ’ s when she let out some moans and

quickly held my hand , , ” what a wierdo” I

said in my mind ..anyways me don knw ur


Amaka: if I am to give you what you’ ve

been dreaming of , , you have to promise me

something *still holding my hand *

How did she know I ’ve been dreaming I f —-

d her and how bad I wish for the dream to

come true..

Me: what ? *looking at her *

Amaka: you won’ t love any girl again except

me ..

That’s so easy. .who I wan love before ..

Amaka: and you won ’ t have s – x with any girl

again except me . .you agree?

What ?? .. what is she saying. .her large Bosom

that was already in my hand has blinded

my eyes plus brain..

Me: I promise ..

I won’ t promise only if I know the amount

of troubles I just dropped on my head..

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