Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 14


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 14

Later in the night. .I laid on my bed chatting with

tina, kudirat , val , anna and miss angela on

whatsapp. .I checked my time to see

9:15 pm.. I later went downstairs to get a

chilled drink . .I gulped down a lemon juice

and went back upstairs, , I opened my door

to see kudirat sitting on my bed with her


Me: what are you doing here ?

Kudirat : to sleep here with you ofcourse..

Me: jessy ?

Kudirat : she is far asleep can’ t sleep

like this ..

She began removing my cloth .. she finally

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removed my top and my knicker rubbing my

d– k again through my boxers . .seems this

girl finally know my weak point . .I was

turned on again. .we rushed ourself to bed

Unclad..we went another two rounds and

was about going on the third when my

phone started ringing ..its dad. .I quickly

picked it ..

Dad: jason, , you have to go to tina’ s house

now, , you are sleeping there tonight. .

Me: but why ?

Dad: her parent are out on business trip

and she claim she can’ t sleep alone . .

Me: okay sir. .

Dad: call jide (his driver) when you are

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ready, , he will take you there

Me: alright . .bye

I quickly dressed up..

Kudirat : let me follow you. .

Me: you can’ t , , what about jessy . .

Kudirat : I can’ t let you sleep with that girl

alone ..

Me: don’ t worry, , nothing will happen. .

I kissed her cheek to let her free me and

rushed downstairs. .I went out and woke jide

up..he later started the car while I sat at

the backseat. .time to go mingle with

another trouble . .we then zoomed off. .

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