Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 13

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 13

She was staring at me smiling while I wasalso smiling back . .I finally sat beside her on

my bed.. she held my left hand caressing it

not saying anything . .she finally broke the


Anna : am here to apologise ..

Me: for what ?

Anna : for accusing you of dating tina and

miss angela. .joyce told me the truth ..

Oh.. I remember joyce is her friend ..

Anna : the truth is. .I can’t do anything but so scared someone else will

take you from me ..

She clutched her hand in mine tightly still

smiling while I just did nothing but stared

suprisingly at her sudden outburst. .

Anna : jason, , I think I love you

Love who ?. .but how come I didn’ t love this

beautiful girl ..

Anna : since the very day I set my eyes on

you, , I can’ t stop thinking about you. .you are

my first love . .

I opened my mouth to say something but I

wasn ’t suprise when nothing came out. .in

no time our lip met and we began

kissing. .her lip is sweet like lollipop 10naira

sweet , , I wish the kiss last forever ..we later

disengaged when she pushed me on my

bed.. she removed her top after pulling

down my jean , , d – n she is wearing no bra . .

she began pulling her mini skirt down with

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her left hand and was rubbing my d – k

through my boxers with her right hand . .I

was turned on .. I removed my top and was

ready to enter subzero’ s lair when knocks

landed on my door .. who be dat b—– d wey

spoil my fun . .I quickly wear my top and my

knicker bocker and anna quickly dressed

up..I walked to door and angrily opened it

to see kudirat looking at me somehow , , like

she was suspecting something ..

Kudirat : I just wanted to tell you two that

food is ready . .

Dis girl na confam devil. .I called anna and

we started walking downstairs with our

hands hitched , , kudirat can’t stop shooting

me a murderous look while I just ignored

her ..we later started eating, , I was sitting

with anna while kudirat was sitting with

jessy. .anna began feeding me with her

spoon ..we did this till we finish the food. .

3hrs later

After watching many films on my laptop and

romancing each other though anytime we

wanted to play the real game something

hinders it so we decided to not do anything

again. .she later left and I came back inside

after I accompany her outside, , I ignored

kudirat who was staring at me with lots of

pities on her face .. I entered my room and

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jumped on my bed to rest. .I checked my

time to see 5:31 pm.. I was about sleeping

after talking with tina on the phone when

someone opened my door , , I turned my face

to the direction to see kudirat ..

Me: what did you want again *i stood up*

Kudirat : how can you do this to me . .jason

how can you *she bursted to tears *

I am left with no choice , , I walked to her

then hugged her while she quickly accepted

my body and hugged me tight. .

Me: am sorry *i said that to let her stop


We later sat on my bed just staring at each

other not saying anything . .she later began

caressing my lap which sent shock of life to

my body . .she just smiled over it and made

her way to my d – k , rubbing like there is no

tomorrow. .I was immediately turned on .. I

roughly dragged her to the bed and f — – d

her really hard that she kept moaning

loud..we went just 3 rounds and I later c – m

inside her . .we lay side by side so tired. .this

girl is really goddess of s – x

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