Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 12


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 12

Tina: come in. .I was suprise to see the figure entering

was eric .. tina clutched her hand in mine

leaning on my shoulder.. I can see the look

of anger shown on eric face as he walked to

us holding a flower I guessed its to impress


Eric: hi jason..

Me: hi eric *with scared tone *

I stylishly pushed tina away faking smiles ..

Me: tina I have to leave now , , dad sent me

somewhere ..

Tina: are you sure its not because of eric? ..

My phone started ringing, , its unknown

number. .I picked it and quickly recognise

the voice as kudirat ’ s. .

Me: alright sir, , am coming *i pretended its


I stood up then walked past eric while he

have this murderous look on his

face.. ” Watch your back ” he whisper to my

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hear ..

Tina: jason

I turned back waiting for her to say

whatever she wanted to say.. but she walked

to me and planted a deep kiss on my lip

leaving me astonished, , even in front of eric ?

…the girl really want me dead. .I later

evacuate the house and went straight

home. .I entered my house that ’ s when a

call landed on my phone ..its unkown

number, , it must be kudirat , , I cut it . .the

person called again and I picked it at the

third ring..

Me: hello ..

Person: its amaka , , just wanted to know if

this is really your number ..see you on

monday ..

*hang up*

Her sweet natural autotuned voice nearly

bursted my hear . .I made my way inside the

sitting room smiling to see kudirat and jessy

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in the sitting room playing again .. this

kudirat sef b kid ..

Kudirat : welcome..what did you mean by all

you said on the phone ..

Me: I did that on purpose.. so no need to

worry about it. .

Kudirat : anyway there is a visitor waiting for

you in your room..she said she is anna *she

looked at me somehow *

Anna ?. .anyway this is not the 20 th time she

did visit me and have entered my room.. I

just ignored kudirat then went upstairs. .I

opened the door to see anna perfectly

sitting on my bed.. she was wearing a black

mini skirt and a sleevless top. .I stylishly

locked my door ..I know something great is

gonna happen. .

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