Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 11


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 11

Me: hi maAmaka: how are you jason?

Me: am fine ma

She demanded for handshake and I quickly

accepted her warm hand .. we shaked for

few seconds before we broke off. .

Dad: she will be starting on monday . .from

4pm to 6pm .. I just think I should introduce

her before then . .

2hrs ? .. its too much now. .her eyes was fixed

on me , , but I just stared elsewhere avoiding

her gaze so shy . .

Dad: where is kudirat and my girl (jessy )

Me: they are playing upstairs ..

Dad: alright , , goodbye , , I won’ t be coming

home tonight also ..

So he really didn ’ t come last night, , is that

what he called to tell me last night? …

Me: alright sir. .

Dad: where are you going?

Me: to val ’ s house .. *i lied*

Dad: let me drop you there ..

Me: no need sir .. I will board a taxi ..

Dad: those taxi’ s are dangerous.. come on

let me drop you there ..

That’s it , , he is overprotective. .I was left with

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no choice than to follow him. .we went

out, , entered his car and zoomed off ..I and

amaka were sitting at the backseat, , I can’ t

stop staring at her beautiful face , , human

can’t be beautiful like this , , she might be a

real mermaid. .she caught me many times

and smiled over it ..I was later dropped at

the front of val ’ s house while dad went his

way. .I should greet val .. I opened his gate

and walked straight inside , , this guy no close

the gate . .

I was about knocking when I heard different

moans .. ” F – k me val ” joyce

voice.. ” Harder” .. chaii .. dis guy sha..I went

back out then board a taxi to tina’ s

house ..on getting to her duplex house

painted yellow and white . .I walked inside

after greeting the gate keeper ..I can hear

music coming from the house . .I opened the

door after knocking many times to see tina

dancing to tire by mayorkun all herself .. she

lowered the music and ran to hug me ..

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Me: did I keep you waiting?

Tina: sure, , I can’ t wait to see you ..

*we enagaged in a very passionate kiss and

we later broke off *

Tina: how about dancing with me ?

Me wey no sabi dance . .I disagreed and we

both sat down .. she stopped the music and

we started watching film. .I was suprise to

see its p – n dis girl sef dey watch p –

n. .she shifted closer to me , , there I see she

was wearing a very skimpy skirt .. she take

my hand to her lap and she shifted it to her

k —y which sent shock to my body ..she was

wearing no pant …she noticed this but just

smiled. .in no time our head collided and we

startedcollided while rubbing my d – k with

her left hand .. we suddenly heard knocks on

the door which made us disengaged

immediately. .she switched off the tv. .

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