Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 10


Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 10

I was still cleaning my body when someoneenter, , I turned back to see kudirat. .she

closed my door then locked it. .she started

walking to me removing her clothes while I

was staring agape .. she finally got to where I

was standing half Unclad..

Me: what ar…( She interrupted)

Kudirat : sshhh..

She planted a deep kiss on my lip pulling

her skirt up, , there I know she was wearing

no pant . .she held my d – k and was rubbing

it while I was busy caressing her

Bosom ..suddenly I remembered my dream

and gathered all my strenght to push her

away ..

Me: am sorry I can’ t do this. .

Kudirat : *she smiled * I can’ t stop wanting

for more after you f —- d me hard at the

midnight. .

Me: what midnight ?

Kudirat : I knew you won ’ t want to do

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it, , that ’s why I came when you were

sleeping.. and am so suprise to see you

removing my clothes yourself ..let ’ s do this

am so h— y ..

She came to me and I angrily pushed her

away this time ..

Me: I told you am not doing ..

Kudirat : *she smiled again * you are my first

love and the guy to deflower me don’ t

think about having another girl to marry in

your mind ..

Me: what are you saying?

Kudirat : in my family, , the one that

deflowered us must marry us . .

Me: why ?

Kudirat : all the wife you marry will die ..

What ?. .am dead. .no go beta for this girl


Me: what am I going to do now? *i asked in

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a very calm voice *

Kudirat : there is nothing to do honey. .see

you tonight..

She wore her clothes then shake her big

backyard outside. .so the dream I thought I

have is not even a dream .. its really

real.. chaii .. am dead .. I quickly claded in a

blue jean and a versace top murder it with

puma shoe ..seeing tina might make me

forget this .. ” Jason” I heard dad shouted

from downstairs.. I ran downstairs with great

speed to see dad with an extremely

beautiful young woman even beautiful than

diana’ s friend (tales of a mermaid). .

Dad: jason, , this is miss amaka . .your


What ?. .private tutor ?. .s – t

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