Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 7

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 7

Jul 24, 20170
I later went downstairs and straight to thedinning room, , jessy and kudirat were

already there waiting for me .. I sat beside

jessy. .I was about eating..

Kudirat : what ? ..we should pray before


We prayed and we started eating, , I was so

hungry and sure the food is really

delicious ..I found myself thanking kudirat

for the food , , never ate that delicious

food. .she later asked for my phone which I

gave her . .she then returned it after

3minutes ..

Kudirat : how are your girlfriends ?

Me: I have none *eating rushly not minding

her *

Jessy : she said she likes you. .

The spoon am holding nearly fell hearing

the bomb the haram jessy detonate ..I

laughed it out and we continue eating. .I

later retired to my room.. I laid on my bed

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just only thinking about tina. .I tried to

shake it off but I can’ t . .so I decided to call

her ..

Me: hi tina

Tina: hi jason, , I have been waiting for you

call, , I miss you

Why can’ t she call when she missed me . .this

girls really ……..

Me: I miss you too * i found myself saying *

*i think I mean this *

Tina: really ? ..

Me: so how are you now? * i changed the


Tina: am fine.. you are punished because of

me .. am really sorry *she said with a mean


Me: apology accepted . .

We talked more till I exhausted my

airtime. .she called me back and we still

talked till her own airtime exhausted .. I

decided to borrow some airtime which I

quickly used to call her back , , well I lied I go

buy card. .I borrowed 750. .we chatted and

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sure knew many things about each other, , I

can see she is been loving me along time

ago..she later ended the call with I love

you. .I laid on my bed thinking of her . .I

think am falling for this girl .. I was still

thinking about tina when a call landed on

my phone , , its unknown number, , I sluggishly

picked it

Person: hello jason * familier voice *

Me: hello , who are you ?

Person: you can’ t recognise my voice? ..

What ?. .miss angela ?. .

Me: miss angela ?

Person: sure..

Me: goodafternoon ma . .

Miss angela : how are you doing jason?

Me: am good ma ..

Miss angela : this is my number, , I ’ ll call you

later ..

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