Must Read: My Private Tutor Part 17

Must Read: My Private Tutor… Part 17

On getting to her house , , the driver leftwhile I made my way into the sitting room

to see tina sitting on the couch . .she smiled

when she saw me ..

Tina: you really knows how to keep

someone waiting ..

Me: am sorry. .

Tina: can’ t sleep all alone in this big house . .

Me: I understand ..

I asked for my room coz I was tired and I

have to sleep, , she took me to a room with

her pictures hung on the wall , , is this her

room..she closed the door ..

Tina: we will be sleeping here together

What ’s with this girl sef. .she later went to

shower and I used the opportunity to

stripped my self to boxers . .I jumped on her

bed like its mine though her bed is a little

larger than mine. .she later stepped into the

room and I watched her as she stripped

herself Unclad and sat on her creaming chair

(I guessed ).. my d – k already turned rock as I

stared at her fresh body ..

Tina: can you help me cream my body ?

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She looked at me smiling, , she clearly knows

something was going on with me as I was

battling my hard rock rod , , I managed to

stand up hiding it with my two laps now

walking somehow .. I started creaming her

body till I finally journey to her soft

Bosom , , the touch transferred subzero’ s ice

down my spine ..

I began squeezing them trying my luck ..she

suddenly began moaning ..” Wow , , its a

success” I said in my mind . .she then stood

up kissing me roughly that I can’ t catch

up..I pulled down my boxers and I was

even suprised at how big my d – k has

become..she began stroking my d – k .. in no

time, , we ’ ve landed on the bed ..I later

placed my d – k at the entrance of her k —y

ready to enter the golden paradice ..

Tina: did you love me ?

I didn ’t really know what to say ..but what

did she expect me to say when I was

already turned on by her killer body ..

Me: Yes I do . .

Tina: okay be gentle on me ..

What did she mean by that ..I just ignored

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her then entered with full force while she

moaned loudly . .I began pulling in and out ..I

later cumed inside her .. I removed my thing

to see blood on it. .

Me: are you a virgin ..

Tina: yes. .

I can see how weak she’ ve become..I am

really regretting now ..

Tina: am happy you are the one that took

away my virginity. .

Though I was sad its kudirat that took away

mine.. I later cuddled her in my arm as we

slept like a couple on her bed.. I woke in the

morning but can’ t find tina.. I dressed up

and went downstairs. .

Me: tina. .

Tina: in the kitchen ..

I followed the voice to the kitchen to see

tina making coffee.. I hugged her from the

back then kissed her cheek .. 2hrs later , , I

bade tina who wanted me not to leave

again goodbye then called jide. .I waited till

he arrived then we zoomed off. .

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