Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+) part 21

Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+)… Part 21

She opened her eyes widely as if it willpopped out of her eye sockets. I wanted to

remove my BEAST that was inside of her but

she was very quick as she held my waist.

Jennifer: don’t you dare movee!!!!! I need to

get used to thisss!!!

She moaned out loud while I just obeyed as

I kept my BEAST still buried inside of her, I

was a bit scared and it got to a point where

I didn’t know what to do.

After about seven minutes, I observed that

she has gotten used to my length inside of

her, this she proved my whining her waist

beneath me.

I brought out my d–k slowly till I was half

way out of her, then I shoved it back inside

of her as slowly as possible, her p—y was

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very wet, probably the wettest p—y I have

ever f—-d.

Jennifer: oh myyy gawwd, oh myyy gawwd,

ittsss so bigg, here baby, keep moving in

slowly, oh myyy gawwd….

She kept moaning out, saying different

things that wasn’t a bother to me. I was fully

concerned with the overwhelming feeling I

am deriving from this wet juicy and clean


I still maintained my slow t—-t. I was

thrusting slowly, our both eyes were shut.

She was deep in ecstasy, I bent down a little

and took one t-t in my mouth, she let out a

loud moan.

Jennifer: *shaking vigorously* not

again…not again…I am cumminng!!!

She voiced out as another wave of heavenly

o—-m shook her. I stopped thrusting

instantly as I waited for her to come down

from her high heavens, then I continued my

slow t—-t.

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Now, the thrusting was getting deeper, I

maintained my slow movement, she didn’t

complain, she was also enjoying the slow

f–k if probably not more than me.

I felt my own o—-m build up, I wish I had

the power to prolong my release time, I

would have done so but too bad, I have got

to c-m.

Two more slow strokes was taken and I

began to shake, I wanted to bring out my

d–k when she grabbed me with her both

legs and I had no option than to dispose my

milky Pour inside of her.

Me: yeaaaaaa, feels so good, yeaaa, yeaa,


I moaned and I fell on top of her.

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