Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+) part 19

Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+)… Part 19

Jul 26, 20170
Continues from the last episodeShe took me to her bedroom and I just followed her at her back like a sheep led to the slaughter house.
When we got to her bed, she pushed me down and I fell on the bed violently. She looked at me for some minutes and I was shy, very shy.
She didn’t mind it at all as she seductively climbed the bed, crawling like a snake until she got to my head.
She held my face and surprised me with a deep kiss. She kept on kissing me and soon, I couldn’t match her pace. Her tongue was busy darting into my mouth, my teeth and sometimes she do tease my tongue with hers.
She rested her bum on me in such a way that her crotch was exactly on my d–k. Soon, the “Beast” started to rise up, she could feel it as she quickly lifted her bum from my crotch area with a smirk on her face.
The effect of the alcohol I earlier took was still there, maybe on a normal day when I haven’t taken any alcohol, maybe I wouldn’t have succumbed to her.
What baffles me most is that aunty Jenny didn’t care at all, maybe she is high on cocaine or heroine or any other hard drugs.
I was still thinking when she has already left me unclad. She was now stroking the BEAST and I could see a huge satisfactory smile on her face.
Jennifer: *murmured* i love big dicks..
She said almost in a whisper that I didn’t hear her, moreover the music emitting from the sitting room was very loud.
She went down and took my d–k in her mouth, still looking at me, she started sucking it and same time stroking it.
Wow, she is really good when giving a blow job. What surprises me most was that she didn’t even break the eye contact, she was just looking into at me and sucking my huge d–k at same time.
I got lost in ecstasy and I didn’t know when I exploded inside her mouth, she quickly drew off but it was already late as she has already swallowed the first shot of my c-m.
She took a tissue besides the bed and cleaned up the mess.
Jennifer: you should have warned me or better still withdrew your d–k.
She said with a stern look and I apologised. By now, I could her soft moans coming from the sitting room and I needed no soothsayer to tell me what was going on.

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