Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+) part 14


Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+)… Part 14

Jul 24, 20170
Me: *sighed* oh boy!!!
Samuel: I dey wait o.
Me: at least make we dey go house, I go dey tell you everything for road.
Samuel: ok.
We entered the gate and although I was very exhausted, I took my time in telling him everything that happened. How she called me into her office, how she removed her jacket and I was being tempted and how she invited me to her house. By the time I was done, we were already close to our block.
Samuel: na wow o, she give you the address of her place.
Me: yes oo, she even write am for paper give me.
Samuel: but wetin you think. You think say that woman dey fall for you?
Me: I no know o. Make we dey just dey watch and see the way things dey go. But that woman fine dey o.
Samuel: she package wella. What if she invite you to score three points, you go take.
Scoring three points is our coded language for (FVCK)
Me: I no sure o, na my teacher she be naw.
Samuel: yes you are right. Even if na me dey your shoe, I go think twice because just the way you use talk am, na your teacher she be. Make we just dey observe things first.
He said by now, we have gotten to our block. I saw Jennifer (the Sekxy, hot, and young soldier babe in room 5) cleaning her apartment. Images of her masturbating flooded my memories and I smiled a mischievous smile.
Samuel also smiled as he knew the reason why I was smiling.
Me n Samuel: aunty Jenny good afternoon.
Jennifer: bobo Idris and handsome Samuel, how far na.
Me: aunt Jenny we dey o.
Samuel: this one you dey do house sanitation so, hope no prob.
Jennifer: just having a party at my place this night. I need dancers o, Idris can you come. Even you too Samuel, can you guys make it?
My system boot, reboot, reboot and reboot again. In fact my head burst, and burst and burst again. For those of you that are not in PH (port Harcourt), you don’t know how PH house party use to be.
The amount of girls always supersedes boys. You’d rock, press Bosom and sometimes when it goes on overdrive, you did and and fvck.
Now truly speaking, I am good dancer, very good more than Samuel. I have been in a group known as the EXCLUSIVE DANCERS and we have been to many shows before.
I don’t know if she’s inviting me because of my dancing skills or for anyother thing else but all I know is that I am coming.
I looked at Samuel and he also looked at me with one thinking and we said..
Me n Samuel: we are coming…

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