Must Read: The Crazy Lust… Part 4


Must Read: The Crazy Lust

So much anger i in my system right now. What a bastard! He Forked me over for a woman looking 10 years younger than me! I shook in angst while her stared at her spread on the bed, comfortable with the restraints.
I glanced at the huge diamond rock sitting confidently on her finger and winking at me mockingly. I felt another wave of anger slam into me.

“No problem!” I screamed!. “You’re all sick! Insane, perverted! Sick people! Who ties up someone for their pleasure?! And what kind of Sluut allows nonsense like that?!” I stared at them, baffled.
I rushed out of the room as a rush of unwanted tears rushed to my eyes. I can’t let them see my weakness. I cannot allow them into the deepest depths of my soul.

I raced through the courtyard-it’s funny how some few minutes ago, I was passing with so much righteous indignation. Now, I’m completely broken.
I centered my office and slammed the door. Hot, bitter tears raced down my face, and I cried for everything. My pain, all I lost, Lanre and what my family has become.

I flipped through the rack of bills and letters on the table, and searched for the document. I saw it after some time and ripped it open.
There it laid, the bane of my life. My divorce papers. Me.. Divorce. I felt another surge of pain shatter through my reserves, and another flood of tears rush out.
I felt anger slam into me.. I picked up a pen and hesitated to sign, but then I remembered the girl he laid wide spread on his bed in his office and I got angry.
I penned my signature in an angry slash on the paper and finished it with a flourish. I’m done with that perverse man and his unholy lusts. I shuddered at how he wanted me to lay wide spread with restraints..
Deep down in my hearts of hearts, I was quite happy at the development. It’s a huge distraction that totally made my mom forget the reason she called me home in the first place.
I felt sad for her, but incredibly happy for my dad- and I told him so. He was immensely relieved at my acceptance of mariah and it made him very happy.
I didn’t and wouldn’t dive or pry into the details of their divorce and the reason why. It’s high time they separated and found happiness elsewhere.. I wished my mother all the luck in the world. It’s obvious my dad has moved on.
I rang the bell to sope’s house. He answered on the third ring and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He engulfed me in a big hug. “Baby, let continue..” I muttered.
He threw me on his bouncy bed. I looked up at him in shock.he.flipped me onto my belly, pausing to grip the twin halves of my behind in both hands and squeezing with a grunt of approval. “On your knees,” he demanded, his voice tight. “I want to see your beautiful Buttocks in the air.”

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I didn’t dare hesitate. In fact, I felt completely submissive and decadent. I’m up for anything. I simply spread my knees and lifted my backside, ready and quivering.

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He didn’t wait a moment. There was no teasing, no readying either. No, it was a brutal assault from the start and I loved it!
His Joystick pressed at my entrance, thick and blunt and I shuddered as he rammed himself deep into my core. I groaned as the pain of being entered without warning faded into delicious fullness, the head of his Joystick banging against a crazy spot up my cunt!
My breasts bounced with each hard thrust, rubbing against the bed as he rode me hard. I was spiraling quickly, my channel gripping his Joystick, milking him with feral intent.

We spiraled into a daze of lust and I kept on chanting his name..

I got the official invitation to my Fathers wedding.

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