Must Read: Corper’s Lodge Part 13

Must Read: Corper’s Lodge… Part 13

I sort of felt a sensation on my inner thigh, when I looked it was Rita’s left hand on my thighs. When I looked up to her face I met her face staring down at me.

‘Where did we stop?’ she said

‘Geometry’ I responded as a matter of fact.

‘No not that, I mean before she came in’ she responded pointing to Gina on the bed

‘Oh, that? I was giving you massage’ I said Awakening? my rod from the sleep

‘ok, should we continue?’ she asked already circling my semi hard Joystick with her slender fingers

‘hmmmn mmmn’ was all I could reply as she started working my Joystick to hardness in my short. I didn’t waste anytime before planting a deep kiss on her lips and she responded instantly by pushing out her tongue to meet mine. We kept up with the wet kiss as her free hand is now in the of my sweat short trying to free my now hard Joystick…….. already set on fire, my hand moved with a mind of its own to her chest where it rested on her melons, encircling the moderate Jiggs with my palms I could feel her chest rise and fall in quick succession and her melons straighten out. Immediately my palm came in contact with her Tips she shudder and moan in my mouth. As she got my Joystick free from my short, she disengaged her mouth from mine and went on her knees. Her mouth on my hard Joystick sent electric signal through my body and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and a soft grunt escaped my mouth. She started working my Joystick with her wet mouth bobbing up and down the shaft while her hands went to my balls, squeezing and rubbing wildly. As this sensation? was too much to contain,I started grunting loudly forgetting Gina is on the bed…..

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‘Like seriously? You guys started without me?’………..

To be continued

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