Must Read: Corper’s Lodge Part 10

Must Read: Corper’s Lodge Part 10
I was left spellbound by the sighting in front of me as I stepped out from the kitchen. There was corper Rita stripping herself obviously in an attempt to take her bath. I couldn’t help but stand staring for what seemed like an hour at her Sekxy body and the sight alone raised my ‘engine piston’ to an all-time high. After staring openly at the ‘Adult movie’ in front of me I didn’t know when she turned and caught me staring at her.

‘Alex!’ she screamed to snap me out of my gawking. Her eyes were fixed on the huge tent in between my legs.

‘ I’m sorry ma, I just finished washing the dishes’

‘Oh that’s the reason you openly are spying on my nakedness and displaying that ?’ she snarled pointing to my hard pointing rod. I quickly tried to cover it with my hands. She didn’t wait for any response as she tied her towel her headed to the bathroom. I took my seat ruminating on the sight I just experienced.

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After some minutes she returned from her bath and started apply cream on her body, impulsively I stood up and made to go and wait outside while she dress up.

‘oga where are you going?’

‘I want to give you space so you can dress up’ I replied

‘ yeye, as if you haven’t seen everything?, Sha come and rub my cream for me’ she said holding out her lotion to me. I took the lotion and started applying lotion on her starting from her legs. I immediately started getting hard again as her legs were smooth and tempting. After I was done with the legs, she took the lotion from me and gave me an oil asking if I can massage her back for her. I obliged and she lied on her belly with her round smooth Buttocks facing the ceiling. She loosened her towel so as to avail me the space to her back. Being so close to her jiggling Buttocks was a big temptation, and my Joystick responded accordingly. While massaging her back, she reacted calling me a ‘wack’ this prompted me to spread my legs across her Buttocks so I have full view of her back in front me and my Joystick was standing directly pointing at the crack of her Buttocks. While massaging her back towards her neck my hard rod brushed her Buttocks………….Time stood still…………

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